Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yesterday was...

Mommy Hell.

For some reason, (I don't know if he's more clingy because of the teething or because Dr. said to cut back a little on the nursing sessions), Baby V.J. cannot live for even .25 seconds without me.  If I venture more than a foot away from him he bursts into dramatic tears.  And he continues to cry, no matter how long I am away from him, until I either pick him up or he exhausts himself and dozes off.  The way he acts you'd think that I never hold and cuddle him or that I'm constantly taking off and leaving him -neither is true.

All of this is tiring and frustrating enough for any mother and that much more so for a very impatient Mom like me.  Top that with a horrendous migraine/tension headache and you can well imagine my pain.  In the morning the headache hadn't quite reached it's peak and I actually thought it might be sinus/allergy related so whilst baby slept through his 1 hour morning nap, I got online to pay some bills and do some shopping for Easter.  Baby Wondertears woke up and was fine until I put him down to play and thought I could take a quick shower while he played in his play yard. HA!  Again I tell you, "HA!"

Of course my headache grew and grew and grew until I was nauseous and could only keep one eye open.  Hopefully today will be better.  We'll see.  Already he's whining because he can't see me from around the corner.  

Oh, yeah -HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (off key)!  Happy birthday to me (also off key)!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Is it just me or...

should there be a law preventing you from having and raising children if you're still dumb enough to believe you look good with your pants hanging so far off your a** that your boxers are completely out of the waist band?  How do they walk in those things?  

We sat behind a young couple in church last week.  Their little boy was out of control.  TOTALLY out of control.  And all I could think was, well maybe if the dad put more time into disciplining his child instead of spending all of his time on his penguin walk to hold his pants up...  Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be thinking that way at church, but who could concentrate with that kid tearing up the hymnals and climbing all over the pews?


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So, I have much to say but...


So how about you people tell me your stories and I post the best one? I would especially appreciate stories about ridiculous parents (regardless of whether or not you yourself as a parent, surely you've witnessed something absurdly stupid, rude, bullyish, or whatever that bears repeating) that you may have run into at school AND bonus points if you let me know how you've dealt with them (if you've dealt with them at all) I promise to at least check the comments twice a day.

And probably next week, or as early as this Friday, things should quiet down for me enough that I'll have time to tell you about the parent that's been bullying me at my son's school pick-up line every day.