Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Is Mary Kate Olsen Anorexic or What?

Actually both of those girls are disgustingly thin and need to check into a treatment facility. Have you seen the pictures of them lately? Someone has some serious eating disorder. I think they could both use a bowl of M&Ms, at least. Anorexia, bulimia, starvation, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Mary Kate and Ashley. Photos of the Olsen twins. Pics of the Olsen twins. Pics of Mary Kate. Pics of Ashley. Mary Kate and Ashley starve themselves? What price fame? Are you dying to be thin? Poor Mary Kate. Poor Ashley. Do the Olsen twins have an eating disorder?

What about Swiffer Wetjet? Is it dangerous to animals? Swiffer Wetjet danger is nothing but an e-mail hoax. Probably started by their competition. Are you worried about your pets because of Swiffer Wetjet? Is Swiffer Wet Jet a danger to your dog or cat? I use Swiffer Wetjet and it's done no harm to my kitty. I even mop the bathroom where she regularly hangs out with a swiffer wet jet. Relax. Your cats and dogs are safe from Swiffer Wet Jet.

American Idol. Former American Idol Contestants. American Idol sucks. Who the frig cares about American Idol anymore? Britney Spears. Pics of American Idol Contestants. American Idol Photos. Click here for photos of American Idol Winners or Losers. What a joke.