Saturday, March 11, 2006

Is it just me or...

should there be a law preventing you from having and raising children if you're still dumb enough to believe you look good with your pants hanging so far off your a** that your boxers are completely out of the waist band?  How do they walk in those things?  

We sat behind a young couple in church last week.  Their little boy was out of control.  TOTALLY out of control.  And all I could think was, well maybe if the dad put more time into disciplining his child instead of spending all of his time on his penguin walk to hold his pants up...  Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be thinking that way at church, but who could concentrate with that kid tearing up the hymnals and climbing all over the pews?



  • As I always say, there's a test for getting your driver's license but not for raising kids. That doesnt seem quite right.

    By Blogger Rude Cactus, at 9:19 AM  

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