Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yesterday was...

Mommy Hell.

For some reason, (I don't know if he's more clingy because of the teething or because Dr. said to cut back a little on the nursing sessions), Baby V.J. cannot live for even .25 seconds without me.  If I venture more than a foot away from him he bursts into dramatic tears.  And he continues to cry, no matter how long I am away from him, until I either pick him up or he exhausts himself and dozes off.  The way he acts you'd think that I never hold and cuddle him or that I'm constantly taking off and leaving him -neither is true.

All of this is tiring and frustrating enough for any mother and that much more so for a very impatient Mom like me.  Top that with a horrendous migraine/tension headache and you can well imagine my pain.  In the morning the headache hadn't quite reached it's peak and I actually thought it might be sinus/allergy related so whilst baby slept through his 1 hour morning nap, I got online to pay some bills and do some shopping for Easter.  Baby Wondertears woke up and was fine until I put him down to play and thought I could take a quick shower while he played in his play yard. HA!  Again I tell you, "HA!"

Of course my headache grew and grew and grew until I was nauseous and could only keep one eye open.  Hopefully today will be better.  We'll see.  Already he's whining because he can't see me from around the corner.  

Oh, yeah -HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (off key)!  Happy birthday to me (also off key)!



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