Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gardening is Therapeutic

mmmmmmm... The curative effects of gardening are really curative -for the soul at least, can't say the same for my bank account. I've spent $50 in two days for two very small flower beds. I've actually done quite well because I had a discount card for the local home improvement world (I can hardly call such a behemoth a store).

I can feel the age in my limbs after several hours leaning in the garden. But these are pleasant aches -the aches from something fun and relaxing that drives the unrelenting tension away. And what a payoff! I can peep out my window and look at the sunshiney faces of my gerber daisies and their less bold friends swaying in the early autumn (such as it is in Florida) breeze. I put in some lovey ground cover (blue haze?) in the larger bed where my bottle brush tree and gladiolas are bedded down. Then I spent hours -literally hours- wrenching out some sort of invasive vines that seem to be attacking everything in my beds -nearly all of my Mexican Heather has been choked back by these treacherous weeds and they've begun their assault on my rosebushes. The sneaky things have bright pretty small green leaves. Without getting a close up view, I'd thought all my plants were thriving. A couple of days ago while working outdoors, I noticed that all the "pretty" green was some awful murderous weed. GAAAGH!

There's plenty more to do, but it will all have to wait at least a couple of days. I have gardening to do, but it's of a more personal kind. Sometimes one must nurture one's own tender life. Tomorrow we're breaking from routine. Rather than rushing off to church we're rushing off to breakfast out. In place of tiring ourselves doing home improvements and car repairs, we're going to tire ourselves enjoying some family time, maybe a little light shopping, a movie?

Monday (no school -some sort of teacher workday) I'll be taking the kids off to the Museum with some friends. My closest friend and her granddaughter will be coming with us to Tampa to the Museum of Science and Industry. MOSI sounds very serious and stuffy, but is actually quite a bit more child-oriented than most museums. And the little kid inside me loves those hands-on exhibits. I simply can't wait for the planetarium and the IMAX dome theater. Maybe I'm more excited than the kids! Wish us a safe drive -it's only an hour away, but traffic going to Tampa can be pretty hairy.

BTW, thanks for the comments on my previous post. And personal note to Kay, I AM considering using the blog as a bit of my therapy -I'm currently seeing a counselor who's always suggesting I write letters (though most likely not mail them) to those who've caused some of the hurt and negativity in my life. I'm just shying away from putting too much negativity on my blog, lest I drive the few readers I have left away from me. Comments always welcome. Have a lovely weekend. I know I will!



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