Thursday, September 09, 2004

The yard is STILL half way full of branches, leaves, etc.

Today is my wedding anniversary. Five really awesome years. Hubby has to work late to try to make up some of his hours he lost when no one worked in the hurricane aftermath. That's just part of what sucks when you're payed hourly. On the other hand, they'd work him into the ground if he was salaried.

What have I done so far to celebrate my anniversary? Oh, well, I ordered an 8000 Watt generator (sadly, it's on backorder and I have absolutely no idea when I'll get it -pray about that for me would ya?) and spent two hours driving around to every store in town trying to buy gas cans (My kingdom for a gas can). None at Walmart. None at the autoparts store. None at the Bargain Barn. ONE at Evan's Hardware. For 40 freakin' Dollars!!!!!!! I rushed over and snatched it up. I still needed at least two more. The generator runs for 9 hours on 6.5 gallons.

I filled the gas can I just bought and the other one that we already had and headed home. On the way home I passed Burns Mower and Saw. Go ahead and picture it, cliche though it may be, a LIGHT BULB actually appeared over my head. I thought, "Hey, I wonder if I'm the only clever one in the entire town?" and I pulled right into the driveway. Walked in the door and the first thing I saw was an assembly of sweet, beautiful, coveted red gas cans. I'd entered heaven. And wasn't I pleased with myself! I bought three of them. I'm going to get those filled up tomorrow.

Forecasts are contradictory. The expected impact is anywhere from Sunday to Tuesday, or not at all -depends what meteorologist you're listening to. I think I'm ready now -well, not emotionally, but as far as the essentials go. If there's another one behind Ivan, I'll probably have a nervous breakdown.

BTW, if you're ever without power and think it could be for more than a day, try not to use any dishes that need to be washed. They get pretty yucky by the time the power comes back on. Needless to say, today I bought 100 plastic forks and spoons and the 300 pack of paperplates and the 250 pack of dinner napkins.

Next tip, if there's even the slightest possibility of the power going out for days (like in the event of a hurricane), buy tons of bags of ice and put them into your freezer -really cram it full, enough to fill your refrigerator pretty good once the power goes out. They say the fridge will be okay if unopened for 4 hours -mine lasted the three days and the only thing I lost was a tub of cream cheese that fell into the bowl of water from the melting bag of ice and filled with yucky melted ice water. They say the unopened freezer if packed will last 48 hours -mine with bags of ice lasted the three days and I didn't lose anything. If your freezer is only half full, it will be okay for 24 hours.

Okay, guys, thanks everyone for all of your good wishes. Stay tuned for Ivan updates.

I'm stocked and ready.



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