Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Survivor: The Hurricane Frances Saga

Okay, that WAS a wee bit dramatic.

Now if only Ivan would drop off the face of the earth.

We lost power Sunday morning and it wasn't restored until yesterday evening. It is truly horrible to have a freezer full and fridge full and no electricity. And no one knows how much we take a shower for granted. And flushing the toilet. I didn't even worry all that much about the lack of air conditioning. That was the least of my worries. I NEVER expected to be without power for three days. Fortunately the phones continued to function -in my area at least. Many others still don't have power. Others lost their phone service too.

A friend of mine lives 20 minutes away and doesn't expect power to be restored for seven to ten days-something about a tube? Her phone is also not functioning. A couple of miles down the road the Deacon and his wife have no phone AND no power. I'm hoping their power was restored yesterday when mine was, but I'm really not sure.

The loss of power definitely humbles you. And brings out the best in people. One couple from church whose power was restored one day earlier than us invited us to shower and spend the night at their place. We took them up on the shower, but hubby wasn't comfortable spending the night there when he had to get up at 3:00 to go to work.

Because it remained rainy, windy, and overcast for the past couple of days, it wasn't too bad here in the house. With the windows still boarded up, it never got any hotter than 78 -which really surprised me. Oddly enough, particularly since I'm always too hot, I apparently adapted to the heat a little (I normally keep the house at 74, so I guess it wasn't a huge adjustment). When I turned the breaker for the AC back on, it wasn't long before I was freezing cold and ended up turning it way up to 78 again. By bedtime I was hot again and pushed the temp back down to 74.

Stuff in the freezer still isn't all the way frozen through again and I'm not sure the fridge is "fridgerating" properly yet either. But it sure feels good to flick a switch and have the lights come on. And the grand luxury of a shower is unreal. Never thought I'd be thrilled to be able to run the vacuum, but I can't wait to turn that on later this morning. It's amazing how messy your house can get while you stumble around in darkness for three days.

This experience HAS given me a couple of good things. It humbled me, made me appreciate what we DO have more. It made me REALLY appreciate the electric company and its workers. It made me realize that I'm surprisingly adaptive and can do 'bout anything in a pinch. AND, it gave me a great story for the next Monday Mayberry Moment.

Well, thanks everyone for your good wishes and prayers. Thank God that we're all safe and our home wasn't damaged. And pray for extra strength and energy for us as we try to clean up the tremendous amount of storm debris littering our yard. I have tons of pics when I get the Pics Host to cooperate. Take care.



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