Saturday, June 26, 2004

"God forbid a bus runs you over and you wasted your final morning washing dishes you'd never again use."

I read the above line (titling my post) in "Hearse of a Different Color" by Tim Cockey (btw good book so far). And all I could think was, "What are you crazy? The last time someone sees your house it will be a mess."

And eventhough I have occasionally left a sink full of dishes to do something more fun or interesting, I've never been comfortable with it. I just keep worrying that someone will pop in and see the house a wreck. Or I'll pull into the driveway only to find I've an uninvited guest sitting there waiting for me -my dirty dishes looming in the kitchen. I don't even like to have the clean dishes sitting in the dishwasher when I have company.

Am I neurotic? It's not as if I'm obsessive compulsive about housekeeping (let's face it, I spend way too much time blogging and reading blogs). I just can't help worrying about what others think. Even when the house is clean and my company has arrived, I'm suddenly noticing dust on the textured ceiling or that I should have bleached the dining room curtains -things that when I point them out to my husband he just says, "What? I don't see it." Does everybody notice these things in someone else's house? In your own house? I don't think I notice these things in anyone else's house. Only my own. And it makes me crazy.



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