Thursday, June 24, 2004

Oh my achin' legs

So, yesterday the kid and I went to the nearby shady well treed park to take a walk for excercise and to get some nice nature pics -we love that. We started out on a trail marked TRAIL 1. We walked and walked and walked and walked and sweated and sweated and sweated and sweated and got extremely thirsty.

Let me explain, where we come from in NJ, there's a trail around the reservoir which winds around back on itself. That trail is somewhere between 5 and 8 miles. The path is well beaten and even has a little gravel beaten in. And you always know how to get back. It's very well marked and has benches every mile or so. You often see other groups of people walking. At the half way mark there's even a porta potty, or if you continue another mile there's a regular bathroom by the boat ramps. We expected this trail to be the same.

Also, because we hadn't walked in quite some time, and we're still not used to this oppressive heat, we had decided to walk for only an hour. HAH! HAH, I say. These freakin' trails were not well marked, they even occasionally branched off and you weren't sure which way to go. Suddenly we come upon a sign for TRAIL 4, but no sign anywhere of how to continue on TRAIL 1. We were foolishly still expecting TRAIL 1 to wind back on itself. We were also hesitant to back track because there was a 1/4 mile stretch where the path was overgrown with grass and on either side was swamp. I'm sure I heard a gator growl back in those trees. Hot or not, we ran through that section. There were no benches and with the Florida innumerable insects that can injure/kill/maim you (slight exaggeration) we weren't about to cop a squat on the grass or any of the termite infested stumps and logs.

We were finally so desperate (after encountering the next trail sign which was TRAIL 7) that we did turn around and go trudging back. At that point we'd already walked for more than an hour. At the end of the hike, when we finally returned gratefully to the air conditioned comfort of the minivan, we had walked 18,069 steps. I think that equals all the excercise for the week -okay maybe not, but I do ache that bad. Got a blister on the back of my heel. I was convinced forest rangers would one day find our half gator eaten corpses.

We're going again tomorrow.

Yesterday, for obvious reasons, I didn't cook dinner. I drove to the BIG TOWN 20 minutes away and picked up Papa John's Pizza. We went to the prayer meeting with hubby last night and came home and went to bed early.

Today I'm cooking Kielbasa and Sauerkraut Soup. My own special recipe. FYI, Amanda, it does not contain cooked tomatoes or spinach.

Later people.



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