Friday, June 18, 2004

I'm on the Warpath

I used to be a nice, be considerate of nature, we're all God's creatures kind of gal. NOT ANYMORE.

At least not as that applies to bees, wasps, yellow jackets, etc. Yesterday, I was out watering my azaleas and was attacked by a swarm of bees that were nesting IN THE GROUND nearby. They apparently do not like water. They stung me and stung me repeatedly and would not get off of me. AND IT HURT.

I ran screaming and shaking out my shirt QUITE CARTOONLIKE, though it wasn't funny at the time, into my house. I still had bees attached to me. I screamed hysterically to my son to find the wasp spray under the sink. I was crying and sobbing and couldn't catch my breath. I'd already been stung seven times. I was ripping my clothes off because several were still attached and still stinging me. When I finally thought I was safe I sent my son to get the first aid kit.

I began rummaging through the kit for bee sting treatment packs. I found we were woefully low on beesting packs -guess no one expects you to get multiple stings on a single occasion. I began crying again because it hurt and burned so incredibly badly and everything was swelling up hugely. Then it happened -one more bee was apparently inside the sleeve of my shirt and he stung me. I went crazy wrenching that shirt off of me and searching for more bees. He flew to the ceiling and hover around the light fixtures. I sprayed the crap out of him.

Today I'm going downtown to Wally World and stocking up with an arsenal of bee and wasp killer and traps and everything else. Every bee is going to get it. To hell with pollenating my plants. I'll do it myself. I want their blood -do bees have blood?



  • Wow, that must have hurt. I've only ever been stung by one bee or wasp at a time and that hurt badly enough. Hope you're feeling ok - Kay.

    By Blogger night-rider, at 9:16 AM  

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