Saturday, June 19, 2004

Yellow Jacket Hell -The Madness Continues

So yesterday, (damn that itches) after posting to let y'all know (just let me scratch...)what's going on, I took off for (freakin' A I can't stop itching) the big town 20 miles away. In my search for a Dunkin' Donuts (wonder what I could use to effectively scratch these damn stings without actually tearing my skin from my body), I found a whole other side to that town - A pet store where they carry (has anyone ever lost their mind from itching?) Kitty's special food for cats with sensitive stomach, A Dunkin' Donuts, at least five REAL restaurants -and I'm not talking Mickey D's or BK or KFC, etc., (Benadryl cream take me away) a couple of department stores.

I also began itching ALOT -in case you haven't noticed. What really sucks is that these bites still freakin' hurt. A couple are still swollen. Benadryl does help, but only if I take the full dosage -which knocks me out. I'm a MOM. I'm not allowed to be knocked out. Bad enough I slept 'til almost 10:00 this morning because of the last dose of benadryl.

I'd like to behave like a child (or some men) and just lay around and whine all day about how miserable I am. If I do that the house won't get cleaned and nobody would bother to warm up the chicken and dumplings I defrosted from Monday's leftovers. They'd eat donuts and scrambled eggs. They'd leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher and the wet clothes in the washer -yeah I already started cleaning the house. Nobody would rinse out the coffee pot and set it up for tomorrow morning. Our clothes for church would remain wrinkled on the hangers. And I'd be miserable looking at the mess. See ya later I've got a house to clean.

BTW -HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to those to whom it may apply! Spoil Dad tomorrow -whether he deserves it or not. =D



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