Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Water Games

Ya know, there's something to be said for maintaining that little kid that still lives in you even when you're in your thirties to forties. Keeps you alive -I mean spiritually alive. Makes every single minute of the day to day dull spots worthwhile.

This evening when hubby pulled in from work I was out watering my roses, hibiscus, lilies, etc. He unloaded his lunch cooler, thermos, etc. from the truck and then rather than rushing into the house, he went around back to get some soil to put around the base of a boxwood that we're trying to bring back. When he came back around I was in the vegetable garden/melon patch with the hose. He asked me to fill his gallon jug with water.

I told him it would cost him 15 kisses. He kissed me twice and then tried to walk away. So I SPRAYED HIM with the hose. Oh, what fun we had. 15 minutes later we yelled into the house for my son to bring towels. We were completely soaked. I had to do a load of laundry right away, but it was all worth it. Especially when my son came to the back door shaking his head at us standing there dripping on the mat. "WHAT did you guys DO?!?!?!" he reprimanded us. We smirked and giggled and our boy said, "You're gonna get everything wet." We laughed more.

After all these years together, we still play like kids. I loved it. We both did. My son was kind of knocked out by it. But it's good for him to see his parents play and have fun together.



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