Sunday, May 16, 2004

My HOME is Heart Sighs (Size)


The air conditioner buzzes in the window beside the bed. The flickering glow of the television screen casts odd shadows. On the baby monitor I hear the susuration of my boy's slumberous rhythm. A strong hand reaches out from under the body warmed sheet to clasp my chilled fingers. My heart swells in a sigh of contentment.

Home is more than a building, a town, a place to sleep, to leave your belongings. The size of my home is not about square footage, dollars and cents, bricks and mortar. My home isn't in a set location. My home lives in the bosom of my family. My families love is my sheltering roof. The foundation of my home lies on my husband's strong shoulders, my son's spontaneous hugs, the soul-reaching knowledge that God gave me my only true home -my family.

Humbly submitted for your perusal, my week 16 blogger_idol-1.gif entry. If you've never participated in Blogger Idol, why not give it a try. This week's theme is "HOME" and you may interpret it in any way you like. For official rules, or to read other entries, click here: blogger_idol-1.gif



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