Saturday, May 15, 2004

Mom, what's an impure thought?

Yeah, that was just the question I wanted to explain at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday. Why weren't these things explained in Communion class? No, actually, I do think that's my responsibility as a parent, but (jeez) what a way to get blindsided by your kid. Who wants to explain impure thoughts?

Today, my son will be making his first Confession. This is in preparation for tomorrow when he will be receiving his First Holy Communion. I'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear some of the sins that will be confessed by 7, 8, and 9 year olds this morning. What a terrific giggly post that would make.

So I'll be leaving here shortly to go to the First Communion retreat with my son. I'm bringing along the latest Koontz paperback and I have a lady from church bringing me some trilogy novel. I have no idea of the title or author and have no idea of her genre preferences, so this will be a real treat. She was generous enough to offer to loan the books to me when I mentioned that the Mayberry library had already closed for the day yesterday and I didn't get in there in time to exchange my books. I'm someone who cannot be without reading materials. In Mayberry on Fridays and Saturdays the library is only open until noon. It's closed Sundays. I'll undoubtedly be finished with the Koontz novel either today or early tomorrow. I always read Koontz quickly.

AC Update:

I currently have three window units from our old apartment up North stuck in the windows and it's nice and cool in here, but I have concerns for energy costs and security concerns with those things in the windows, so I'm chomping at the bit to get the old Central unit replaced. We have obtained two more estimates -which were about $3000 cheaper than the first (Thank God). Thanks to you guys for letting me know that I wasn't crazy and those prices were way out of range. I think that guy was trying to make his entire commission for the month off of my one sale. The only thing we're waiting for now, is my husband wants to see which company is offering the best interest rate/rebate deal. We think the Lennox guy is the best, but hubby wants to know their interest rate before we finalize that. I've e-mailed them (yesterday at noon) and am desperately waiting for their response. If all goes well, we'll have it installed on Wednesday, if I have to wait much longer for a response from the finance company, it could be at least another week. Pray for us. =D



  • Fun fun fun, AC. Thinkm of how nice and cool you will be this summer, once its all fixed and good in the hood. Hope that you are having some of the weather we are getting in jersey. Low 70's, where AC isn't necessary.

    By Blogger Ari, at 9:28 PM  

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