Friday, May 14, 2004

Would YOUR Dad want crayons for Fathers' Day?

I only ask this because I get the following e-mailed Fathers' Day gift suggestions from Binney & Smith:

May Is Here!
It's May and with that comes warmer weather, as well as a countdown to summer and the need to plan for many upcoming celebrations! The has an assortment of gift ideas for your all of your special occasions!

Celebrate the special man in your life with colorful gifts from The!

Custom 64 Box
Does Dad have a favorite sports team? Whether it's baseball, football, hockey or any other sport, you can send your dad his favorite team colors with the Crayola Custom 64 Box!

Crayola Cooler
Dad will look "cool" at his next outdoor event with this insulated Crayola Cooler - on sale now! Limited Supply!

Father's Day Gift Pack
Send Dad a Crayola Gift Pack that includes an assortment of Crayola, Silly Putty® and inkTank™ items. Over $30.00 in value! For a limited time only.

As much as I enjoy arts and crafts, drawing, spending time with my kid, etc., I would still not want to receive Crayons or Crayon oriented products for a Holiday gift. A Kitchen Aid Mixer -oh yeah, that would make my day! But crayons? Not so much.



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