Sunday, May 30, 2004

Sunscreen? What Sunscreen?

Yes, I did slather on tons of sunscreen before going into the Water Park in the Big City. FYI: No matter how many tons you slather on, if you're lily white like me YOU WILL BURN.


But it was a super fantastic family day today. My occasionally chicken hearted son tried every waterslide at least once. I, the altitude challenged (read: Fraidy Cat in High Spots), only freaked out a little just once and I hid it really well.

We arrived early and went through the wildlife/nature park first. We had the absolute perfect under the shade backed in parking spot. We came out at 11:30 to a still cool car and our picnic lunch. Hesitant to lose the Perfect Parking Spot, we hiked across to the Water Park. We secured a locker for our towels (and a few minutes later, our shoes) and started off to the water slides.

Little guy got nervous stomach pangs after the very first water slide, but fortunately did not actually get sick. We went to the wave pool where he recovered slightly. We then found another waterslide where large tubes are employed. The boy felt he could handle those. He did handle them quite well, but worried all the way up to the top of the tower 'til he had a headache. He took aspirin and was fine and far more adventurous for the rest of the day.

While not the best part of the day, definitely part of that perfect family day was the lack of horrific traffic and smooth easy ride home. We stopped at Albertsons in Ocala and got an 8 piece chicken meal deal which included rolls and 1 lb. macaroni salad for only $5.99 -once again I regretted that our only store in Mayberry is Wally Freakin' World. I didn't even have to cook at all today.

We came home exhausted and took naps. I woke to the uncomfortable reality of my sunburn and the badly scraped knee from when the inner tube slung me out upside down to hit the bottom of the 4 foot pool at the end of the water slide.

PS: I am the ONLY ONE who did get sunburned. Small son is brown as a berry. Hubby -more deeply and evenly tanned than ever. I -Hibiscus Red! The outrage. The injustice. I don't care I had fun.



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