Thursday, May 27, 2004

All good intentions go to heck when...

No matter how much time and attention one puts toward keeping up with the housework and cooking awesome meals, after a couple of weeks of that, you're inevitably a little burnt out and let things go. For one day.

The house now looks almost like a tornado has blown through. Tonight and tomorrow will be big cleaning/cooking and resetting domestic bliss days.

Another two hours spent in the garden this morning. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.

Tomorrow morning, 6:30 appointment with the beds. Don't ever let anyone tell you that Live Oaks are gorgeous easily maintained trees. They are the spawn of evil. The leaves are smallish and do not lend themselves to brisk easy raking. They slip between the tines of any rake. Areas raked must be re-raked around 300 kajillion times. My hands ache in Carpal Tunnel Hell. More raking tomorrow.

The good news: All of the gardens are looking better and better all of the time. Dozens of peppers are ripening on their plants, the melon vines are covered in little yellow blossoms, the tomato plants are getting stronger every day. The bad news: It's a continuous job. It never ends. Water, feed, rake, weed. The story of my life.

The other good news: One day soon we'll have more home grown produce than we can possibly eat.



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