Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And we return to our regular program already in progress...

Vacation? Not so much. Hubby was sick the week before we left. I was sad that he wasn't completely well when we took off, but pretty surprised and delighted that the kids and I didn't get sick. UNTIL...By the time our 9 plus hours of travel time (including flight time, plane changes, and layovers) were over, ALL of us were sick. Poor sweet baby got the worst of it. Big brother stayed sick for about two to three days. I was sick the whole time. I got better about a week after we got home. I'm now sick again, but in a weird just a high temp, chills and headache kind of way. Baby got the worst of it and was sick for almost three entire weeks. We had to take him to the doctor's while we were down there. Since I don't trust the doctors there, that was a major emotional terror for me. He's much better now. Needless to say the majority of our trip was spent in our bedroom (we own our home down there) with the sick little pumpkin.

It was still nice to spend some time with hubby's extended family, but I feel a little cheated. One thing that did help me a little was the cooking was taken care of by my sister-in-law (though it hardly seemed fair to leave it all to her) and the only cleaning I had to worry about was our bathroom and bedroom. But we also missed out on church, sightseeing, souvenir hunting, the beaches, etc. Oh well. Thank GOD, we're all healthy and safely home. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes with regard to my coping with the new baby. Things ARE getting better, slowly but surely. HR MOMMY



  • Hello friend, haven't been blogging much lately, but just popped in to see how you're doing. Sorry to hear you've been sick and how difficult VJ is. Hang in their momma, it's not easy but there aren't too many alternatives!

    By Blogger night-rider, at 9:21 AM  

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