Sunday, August 07, 2005


Tomorrow is another Doc's appointment.  I'm getting pretty excited.  We only have like 3 1/2 weeks to go.  I really want to have him in exactly 3 weeks.  And I would appreciate him coming right around this time of the day too.

There's just one problem...  BABY'S don't adhere to schedules very well.  Anyway, I do recognize the wisdom in waiting patiently for all to happen in God's own time.  So I'm trying really hard to chill out and be less of a control freak -the one thing I can't control is my control freak tendency.  My suitcase is packed and in the back of the minivan.  The car seat is installed.  We really do ONLY need the baby now.  And it REALLY would be convenient if he'd make sure he comes on a Sunday afternoon when his Daddy is home so that Mommy won't have to sit waiting for Daddy to get home.  Patience may be a virtue, but no one ever called Mommy a virtuous woman either. 

Big Brother's birthday is this coming Friday.  We're keeping it low key.  I'm too far along to get crazy with plans, so we've promised to do something extra special with his little school friends in a couple of months.  We did try to do something bigger sooner, but his mates were off with their divorced dads for summer break.  School goes back on Tuesday.  I'm going to be really lonely and anxious sitting home alone all day.  My big boy is really a huge help and such a love.  There ought to be an Amazing Eldest Child award.  He's the greatest.  But I'm only capable of making Amazing children ;)



  • Hi there, HR. Glad to see that it's almost finally over for you. Hope the delivery is easy and short.

    By Blogger MrTeacher, at 5:46 AM  

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