Wednesday, August 03, 2005

So let's see, what's new at HR Mommy's house?

Not a whole heck of a lot.  It's already been a busy week for us here.  The trip to the mechanic was quick and painless.  They said they couldn't find anything wrong to be causing the car to run hot.  They checked every bit of the cooling system.  The guy said the only thing he did at all was to add a tiny little bit (less than a quart) of coolant.  But when I left there the problem had gone away.  This van has been having this freaky act like it's overheating thing periodically.  Every single time they can't figure out why it's doing it and every single time some bizarre little inconsequential thing seems to make it stop.  I think the van is a hypochondriac.  It's just doing it for attention.

Afterall, with the baby coming and all the focus has just not been on pampering the automobiles.  No steam bath for the carpets and interior.  No hot wax treatment for the chassis.  It's gotta hurt.  LOL

Wendy's?  Okay, so I took Big Brother (aka my soon to be 10 yr old) swimming at a friend's pool on Saturday morning.  After two hours of swimming I really didn't feel like rushing around the kitchen fixing us both lunch.  I decided we'd get some fast food.  I cruised over to McD's for a happy meal and an extra cheeseburger for Brother and then went across the driveway to Wendy's for my lunch. 

The drive-thru line was unbearable, but it was at the late side of the lunch hour.  I finally got up there to place my order and the girl typed it in wrong.  It took her literally FIVE minutes to change the order from Monterey CHICKEN to Monterey CHEESEBURGER.  FIVE.  MINUTES.  After some wait I pull up to the payment window and then up to the food window.  They DID not even know WHAT I ORDERED.  They asked me.  I told them.  Monterey CHEESEBURGER.  They seemed to be in disagreement with each other over what my order was but finally handed me my bag and my drink.  I started to pull away, got about 6 feet from the window and then thought about their obvious confusion.  I stopped and checked the bag.  What do you think was in there?  Can ya guess?  Monterey CHICKEN sandwich.  I should have said the hell with it and went home.  But I was really craving BEEF.  So, despite the fact that I did not want to walk into Wendy's in my bathing suit with my 9 month pregnancy belly, I went inside to point out their mistake.  They looked at me like I was nuts.  Then wandered off with the wrong sandwich.  Then they sauntered over and asked for the right sandwich and finally handed me a bag with my cheeseburger in it.  Would you believe they hadn't bothered to give me back my fries?  Now I had to flag one down to get that.  When I got home I found they also didn't bother to give me any napkins or a straw for my drink.  So that was a sucky experience right?  Couldn't get a whole lot worse, right?  WRONG.  I park myself in front of the TV hoping to go ahead and eat my now cold fries and cheeseburger.  I eat a couple of fries and then start on my burger.  FIRST BITE.  FIRST. FREAKIN'. BITE.  Something small and hard clamped between my teeth.  I pick up a napkin and find that there is a 1 inch long piece of white hard and sharp plastic in my sandwich -or there was, 'cause now it's been in my mouth.  Not only was I grossed out, but I was thoroughly pissed off.  NO WAY am I going to drive back to town to return it, so I now have no lunch.  Not only that, but I'm feeling sick over it.  I'm 9 months pregnant.  I use papertowels to turn on the water and open the door to public restrooms.  I've accosted other women in the bathroom for leaving pee on the seat.  I avoid all sorts of germ ridden people everywhere.  Now I'm eating some foreign matter that for all I know came off the floor of their restaurant.

I opened the phone book, looked for the number for the local Wendy's, and dialed them up.  FORTY FIVE RINGS.  No answer.  I was even angrier now.  I was going to go online to complain, but that was not fast enough for me.  I wanted to talk to someone YESTERDAY.  I look on the bag and see the 800 number.  I call and IT rings forever, but eventually someone answers.  I explained everything and they tell me to save the plastic and someone will call me.  Couple of hours later their Regional Manager calls back from a nearby major city.  I tell him everything and he says they'll be sending coupons.  I told him I want them to let me know exactly what happened and exactly what that little plastic thingy was.  I agree to drop the piece off at the restaurant on my way through town.  That was Saturday.  That major town is only two towns away from us.  I didn't receive any coupons yet.  I forgot to drop off the piece of plastic 'til yesterday.  I really just want to know what the hell that plastic was.  It was sort of crescent shaped and appeared to have broken off of something.  It kind of looked like the edge of a screw on cap from like salad dressing or a coke bottle, or ketchup bottle, or something similar -you get the idea.  The only problem is Wendy's doesn't have bottled sodas, dressings, or ketchup.  They all come in industrial strength plastic bags.  So what the hell was that thing and why was it in MY lunch?

Ah who knows?  Okay, pregnancy update?  4 weeks to go and now I'm having these gosh awful cramps way down low -like menstrual cramps.  Not contractions.  Not pre-labor, but definitely a normal part of pregnancy for some women.  It doesn't generally occur in first pregnancies but is fairly common in subsequent pregnancies.  The cramps are unbearable.  I cannot believe how uncomfortable and I cannot believe that they will probably continue all the way to the end.  A month's worth of menstrual cramps!!!!  That's no incentive to continue having babies!  Oh well, I have had a fairly easy time of it.  I guess I'll survive.  I just keep trying to tell myself that these cramps are just getting my body ready for delivery and that they're going to make for a much faster and easier labor and delivery.  I just hope I'm not lying to myself.  ;)



  • Holy crap I loathe when that happens. My husband had a staple in something he ate.... A STAPLE! Where in the heck did that come from?! Anyway, EeewWwwww!

    Here's sending midol-enduced thoughts your way! :0)

    By Blogger Kandice, at 1:43 PM  

  • I can beat that. I bought a sliced loaf of bread and found a de-composed mouse inside; sliced of course. All I needed was some butter, because I aready had the filling.....Groo. I took it back to the supermarket, waited until there was a lot of people at the help desk and showed them. They offered to replace it with another loaf! No apology, no nuffin!

    By Anonymous Keith, at 4:52 AM  

  • You do NOT make Wendy's sound appealing! ;-)

    By Blogger Rude Cactus, at 9:09 PM  

  • Yeah! Why is it these 'customer service' people never can say a simple 'sorry' or mean it when they say 'how may I help you'. All we really want is common courtesy. Do you think they are taught the blank stare and the inabililty to respond appropriately to a complaint or a concern in hamburger school? Perhaps they are taught not to say 'sorry' in case that's an admission of liability. Anyway I sympathise... you know I do!

    By Blogger night-rider, at 8:36 AM  

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