Sunday, July 10, 2005


Okay, so you're all probably already thinking that I've gone missing again.  Believe me, it was not by choice.  I went to Daytona with 10 yr old son and had lots of exhausting fun.  Came home, unpacked, went to check my e-mail and found that my modem was hit by lightning.

Still, when my company from Jersey arrived the next day I persuaded her husband to try to look at it.  Definitely fried.  Pooh!

Boy was I irritated.  Didn't get it fixed until today because there's just been no time and since we live no-man's-land, there's no computer shop in town.  Today we took it to circuit city and it was done in less than two hours.  YAY!  Here I am back once again.  Let me just tell you, I don't do well offline.  I think I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms.  All I did Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was lay around and make very weak attempts at small household duties.  Today?  Today I am a fireball.  Okay, not so much a fireball, but maybe more like a burning match.  LOL.

Anyway this was your explanation and I'll probably update y'all again midweek.  Bye.



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