Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Since it's National Webloggers' Day, I thought (after being kindly and gently reminded by Mr. Teacher) that I had better give my update today.

So, we went to our Seven Month Check-up last Wednesday, and everything was fine with the check up.  BUT...  I was a very crabby pregnant Mommy.  First the back story.  At the end of our last check-up when it was time to schedule our next, I asked Dr. A whether or not he would be doing our second sonogram at that time.  He said yes and I had been told previously that the second sonogram could be saved on CD -the second is a 3-D image.  I then asked for the latest appointment available that day so that my husband wouldn't have to leave work too early and lose hours.  I was thinking like 4:30, since they close at 5 and they only ever see me for a few minutes.  They told me the absolute latest available was 3:45.  I wasn't thrilled, but I took it.

Now flash forward to last Wednesday.  In the morning I call the doctor's office to ask what type of media I should bring to save the sonogram to at my afternoon appointment.  They told me that they have the CDs right in the office.  I run up to hubby's job with clean clothes (he's a heavy equipment operator) so that he could get cleaned up in the bathroom before we headed to the doctor.  We rushed and got to the doctor at 3:20 -this to me is good etiquette.  We sat in that waiting room until 4:30 -45 minutes past my appointment time and the time I had requested my appointment for.  We then were kept sitting in the exam room until 5 PM.  I was HOT.  FIRE.  Steam pouring from my ears.  Need I remind you that they close at 5?  Need I tell you that I expected to be now rushed right out?  There were other people who had come into the office AFTER us who were already gone.  Can you say pissed?

So finally Doctor H. comes in.  I had to remind him that I was there for a sonogram.  They had me in the wrong room.  We had to be moved to the right room.  Then I remind Doctor about the CD.  Dr. H tells me that he can't make a CD.  Only Dr. A knows how to do that.  Okay, so now I'm not only pissed, but crying.  We're self-pay patients.  We have no insurance.  Every sonogram costs money -a lot of money.  My husband just lost 3 hours of work in order to get to the doctor's office and sit for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I was very excited about having the CD.  I told everyone they'd be able to watch baby on CD.  Hubby can't just go willy nilly taking afternoon's off to see the sonogram.  AND FRANKLY, why couldn't the dimwitted receptionists figure out that if I was coming for that second sonogram AND called them to ask about the CD and they hadn't scheduled me to see Dr. A, that I wouldn't be able to get my CD made.  I was angry AND hurt.  Dr. H. was very nice and apologetic.  I felt bad for him.  It wasn't his fault.  He wasn't there for any of the scheduling.  But I made him listen to me because I was SOOO angry and near tears.  And Dr. H did not know how to get the sonogram to appear on the big plasma screen, do HR Daddy and HR First-born-son didn't get the greatest view of the sonogram either.

Well, he got it straightened out.  He did not charge us for last week's sonogram and he made sure they'll have it scheduled right for next month so I get my CD. 

I'm still kind of mad.  But I imagine I will eventually get over it.  Well, I'm off to make a list of the things we still have to buy for the baby.  It's hard to sit still for that when I seem to think of ten other things I have to do every time I sit down.

HR Mommy



  • I'm determined to get IWD to be a worldwide holiday :)

    The staff at your doc's office sound a lot like the staff at my school. I hope the next appointment is better.

    By Blogger MrTeacher, at 11:00 PM  

  • Never had a sonogram. Had quite a few telegrams tho!

    Keep going...don't let them grind you down!

    By Anonymous Keith, at 4:27 PM  

  • Well the most important thing is mom and baby and dad are all happy an dhealthy.

    By Blogger Ari, at 8:44 AM  

  • Hi, Thanks for dropping by which alerted me to the fact that you'd posted again... I got so tired of being constantly disappointed that I gave up looking. In case we don't hear from you again before BBday - good luck!

    By Blogger night-rider, at 7:14 AM  

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