Sunday, May 15, 2005

Okay, okay...

<FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><HTML><FONT COLOR="#8000ff" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=12 FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE="Tahoma" LANG="0"><B>I've had comments e-mailed to me from Teacher, Wendy, and UK Keith recently begging an update.&nbsp; I'd stopped blogging because I thought no one was interested AND I was a tired preggy AND this whole substitute teaching thing became practically a full time job, but I guess it was never a permanent stop.<BR> <BR> So we're now 6 months along and know that we're having a boy.&nbsp; Finances continue to be a struggle.&nbsp; Did you know doctors now want to be payed in advance of delivery?&nbsp; Technically, hospitals are the same -they offer a 40 % discount for payment in advance -which will still beat our interest rates on our credit cards, but paying $50/month for the rest of our lives did seem more appealing.<BR> <BR> Ah well.&nbsp; Questions?&nbsp; Comments?&nbsp; If you comment in the blogger comments, it's e-mailed right to me.&nbsp; I can't guarantee daily posts again, but let's see if I can't try at least bi-weekly now that school's going to be out in another 10 days.&nbsp; Then there's swim lessons for big brother and Mommy will be tutoring the neighbor's granddaughter -who's just failed first grade.&nbsp; No rest for the weary.<BR> <BR> Cheers!</B></FONT>



  • It's lovely to see you back. I read your blog, and I was begining to think that something awful had happened, or that it was something I had said! Wendy Ascham has given up blogging because she had the same trouble; she thought that nobody was interested. She still reads and comments though. Perhaps if you ask Zoe to mention that you're back you might get more response. I did, and she did and I was swamped with comments!

    By Anonymous Keith, at 5:05 AM  

  • All I can say is thank God for BC Medical. You have to pay to have a baby? That's just all wrong.

    By Blogger pissoff, at 12:42 AM  

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