Thursday, July 08, 2004


was essentially a pretty dull day. I fooled around reading blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the hellacious storm that raged on for hours -pouring rain, crashing thunder and lightning (that felt like it was shaking the house it was so close). And I read a novel for a while, "Murder in the Hearse Degree" by Tim Cockey. Then I lay on the couch half watching a movie on Bravo (or was it Trio?) and half continuing to read the novel until I fell off to a nap.

For dinner I made steak tacos from some excellently marinated steak prepared by moi. During dinner I received a phone call that kind of upset me. This really sweet old lady at the nursing home that I regularly visit with our church group had passed away. It's pretty hard to get that kind of news over the phone. For the first minute I was just shocked and I thanked my friend Gloria for letting me know and hung up.

Then I started telling my hubby about the lady and that was it. I just started crying. I couldn't eat my dinner. I felt bad that I hadn't seen her in two weeks. I was mourning her all of a sudden and I felt like I'd only just started getting to know her. I had to leave the table to cry and pray and ended up not finishing my dinner -though I did eventually come back to the table. I'm really okay with it now though. I was very lucky to know her. I never really had real grandparents and it was always so nice listening to her talk about the old days. And in the end she was telling me that she was ready to go to God. So she has peace now. I dread the funeral. Funerals destroy me.

This morning I'll be off to Mass and then back home to figure out what the heck I'm making for dinner. I don't have any good ideas right now. Probably something grilled. I need to use up my potatoes before the start growing out of the potato bin. Maybe mashed potatoes? No sure I'm in the mood for that. Too early to think about dinner. I haven't even eaten breakfast yet.



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