Monday, July 05, 2004

Monday Mayberry Moments Volume II

First let me apologize for the lateness of the post, had another one of those debilitating headaches last night through this afternoon. And so to continue the saga of crime fighting in Mayberry, let me tell you about the first time we saw the Mayberry Police Station (not to be confused with the Mayberry Sheriff's Office).

Being very religious (though far from perfect Christians) and very committed to attending Mass regularly, one of the very first places we sought out when we came into town was the St. Mayberry Catholic Church. We had a mild amount of difficulty locating it and, as a consequence, were wandering the streets of Mayberry. When finally we appeared to be on the right track (pun sad but intended) after we crossed the Railroad Tracks that divide the town, we noticed a little beige double wide trailer with hunter green trim. There were three or four cars parked on the side and two police cars out front.

Before we actually passed the building and were able to view the sign out front, Hubby said, "What is that? Some kind of little restaurant or something?" We got a little closer and read the sign, "Mayberry Police Department".

Yes folks, in hurricane and tropical storm torn Florida, our police station is located in a double wide trailer. All I can think is, "What's the Mayor's house like?" and, "Okay, so if there were a state of emergency due to the weather, would the police be able to help, or would they be too busy evacuating themselves?"

Though not nearly as exciting as last week, that's life in Mayberry and I'm the HR Lady. Have a great evening.



  • I think that story was hilarious! I'd be asking myself the same questions. LOL

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:33 AM  

  • There is nothing wrong with double wides. I am furious you would even poke fun at such a thing. Infact generations of my family have been raised in DW's and when a person dies we just use them as insulation between the walls. Works great but costs alot for Lysol and other deoderizers. Made yah look.

    Bibb's Revenge

    By Blogger garybibb, at 3:16 PM  

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