Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Glorious Fourth

So we won't really do anything extravagant for the Fourth of July. Probably grill something. I haven't decided what yet, maybe pork roast, maybe steaks, possibly chicken. We're not drinkers -I have had the same bottle of wine for going on four months. Hubby still hasn't finished the six pack I picked up nearly two months ago. I did pick up a few little fireworks -don't ask me what they are, I don't even know; I grew up in Jersey where it's illegal to have them, so my mother wouldn't let us have them.

I don't like to go anywhere on The Fourth because of drunk drivers, traffic, etc. And since The Fourth falls on a Sunday this year, hubby will want to rest. Sunday is his regular day off. He doesn't get an extra day.

The lawn needs mowing. He'll probably do that tomorrow afternoon or Saturday afternoon. I wish kids still went around asking for lawn mowing jobs like in the good old days. My back and knee problems don't allow me to push the mower without days of unbearable pain, and we haven't bought a ride on yet. I hate that he has to do yard work after putting all thos hours in at work all week. But he's such a good guy, if it weren't yard work he'd be doing something else -building a shed. Enclosing the open porch off of the kid's room. The only time he relaxes is when I make him stop to eat or sleep.

Any great DVD recommendations? We watched Fifty First Dates last week. I enjoyed it. So what is everyone else doing for Independence Day? What kind of salads and meats and sides are you having at the barbecue, if you're barbecuing?



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