Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Okay you may now beat me with a wet noodle

I'm late with this post because...

My name is HR Lady and I'm a Sam's-Club-aholic. I can not get enough of the Bulk Buying Madness that is Warehouse Club Shopping. I go in for $44 dollars of stuff -Milk (cuz that's the cheapest place in the whole world to buy it -$3/gal), Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (because my real name is Messy Molly and they're practically half price at Sam's), Eggs (Cheaper than raising chickens -which is really saying something if you look at the price in the supermarket), Rolls (cheap and the best bread you can find around here), and Orange Juice (Way Ultra Cheap and it's the good stuff). I leave two hours later with $150 worth of stuff.

I bought a 6lb package of boneless breasts (which I repackage when I get them home), avocados, a mega-giant tub of pretzels, a mega-giant tub of biscotti for my sweet little hubby, some really yummy pre-cooked just heat it up Chicken Fried Rice (I've never been good at making that -mine comes out all crappy), some really yummy sounding Cool Cucumber and Feta Dip (I'll let ya know), a Rotisserie Chicken (cuz I spent too much time shopping and forgot to marinate my meat -and, Brian, I won't say whether or not that's a euphemism), a case of a kajillion 16 oz spring waters (we must hydrate ourselves), 1 1/2 lbs of Fresh Baby Spinach (for the Sauteed Spinach I made with dinner), some kind of avocado dip stuff (and if Amanda were coming I wouldn't serve it, cuz I know she's scared of avocado after a trip to Chipotle's over the weekend, though I would serve it to Scooterdeb cuz she's not even afraid of TAC), and a special birthday present for small son's 9th birthday (which I won't name here cuz small son is unbearably nosy and apt to read over my shoulder -if ya really need to know, e-mail me). And I think that's it, but how am I to remember?

I've got promises to keep and Chicken Breasts to re-wrap before I sleep.



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