Monday, March 15, 2004

Photo Quest PICS

I'll edit these later so that they look nice. Right now I'm rushing my kid out the door to Communion Class. Yes, you heard me right, Communion Class. Only we Catholics could come up with one like that.

So here we have my Photo Quest entries (quite late, actually) for the week. The first is pretty self-explanatory "Cheese -American (like me). A Cheese and next up is, it almost goes without saying, a cheese slicer two actually -Two kinds of slicers, cuz around here we can't get enough cheese. Cheese Slicers. Then here comes the Vending Machine -ala US Post Office- you'll notice, like all things Governmental, if you squint up close on the display the stamp machine is out of order, despite the fact that this was the middle of the day and they had about 43 gazillion employees milling about. Hey I know, lets jack up the price of stamps to hire somebody to fix it!!!!!!!! A Vending Machine Good ol' number four,

From my Front Door Lookin' In
The view from my front door lookin' in. Ya can't tell from this pic, but I've actually got quite the decorating touch.

And, last but not least: Public Transportation My Only Source for Public Transportation -I live in a farm and ranch county, ain't no public transportation here but your feet, or the local police -if you get too rowdy and drunk and go out tippin' cows.



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