Saturday, March 13, 2004

Hey everybody! I put on my housewife hat this morning and never did find my blog hat. Actually, I was feelin' kind of groggy and bummy -my allergies do that to me and I was out of Claritin and not motivated enough to get dressed and go to the store. Anyways, I think I've found my new calling. With Ol' Martha in the hoosegow, (my Nana always used that word instead of Jail -my Nana was awesome), and after having made my own banquette today to fit into the bay window in our dining room, I've decided that I'm ready to take over, and I promise not to wack out and take it out on my template if you question me on touchy subjects. I'll have to practice an affected smile.

Okay, on to blog business. During the course of my late night (early morning really, stayed up 'til 3:30 a.m.) blog hopping, I ran across a new blog. I'd like everyone to pop by and say hello to UK Mick. He's got some very interesting travel photos(you've got to see Majorca, it's too awe inspiring) including some of the NYC skyline pre- and post 9/11. But, what I was most impressed by was his Dad's story (you'll find the link on the right hand side of his page). His dad is (was) of Irish descent and the story is of the old days in Ireland and the trials and tribulations of growing up there then. It's kind of a nice way to get in touch with your roots before St. Paddy's Day, if you're at least a little Irish like me (my great grandfather came over on the boat, rather than just waiting 'til Wednesday to suck down a Good Pint, or some Green Beer and a big platter of corned beef and cabbage and then puke green all night (yup, had to take you back to your last St. Patrick's Day Parade, sorry). It's good reading and Mick's a good fella. He's already stopped by here a few times, and rather than readin' and runnin', even dropped me a couple of lines in the comments.

Well, I'm off and running now as my sweet little hubby has already conked out in exhaustion (he regularly puts in 80 hours a week) and I 've got to drag my dead *ss off to Mass bright and early -such is the life of a good (hey, no laughing and I mean you -and I hope *with a stern face* your 4 minutes are up already!!) Catholic Girl.



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