Thursday, March 11, 2004

Killer Popcorn

Thank you Charlie, dear, for teaching me to link.

Now I can't say this one surprised me. Ever since I worked in an office and was constantly assaulted by someone's microwave popcorn fumes, I always felt that cloud of odiferous gas was more than a little overpowering and just this side of noxious. And that smell does not leave -even febreze won't help eliminate that permeating odor. I've turned to burning candles to mask the nauseating aroma. It's odd, buttered popcorn at the movies smells great, but multiply and intensify that smell to the tenth power and suddenly -ugh, mind if I sniff your feet?

That's not to say I don't enjoy eating it myself. We regularly consume about 30 tons of the stuff annually. I like to give it an extra boost (read fatten it up) by spraying it with butter flavored cooking spray to give it that at the movies touch. Now I wonder if they'll next tell us that the butter flavored spray heating in the pan is pure poison as well. Well it's like I said this morning with coffee, if one thing's not killing us something else is. What are ya gonna do, starve?



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