Friday, March 12, 2004

Wrong Patient Gets Heart Procedure, SARASOTA, Fla. (AP)

Well, now that makes me want to run right to the hospital next time I'm not feeling well, or am sent by my Primary Care Physician (I don't have insurance any more, must I still refer to the Doc by that asburd nomenclatural tag?). The best part is they either can't or (more likely) won't explain how this mistake ocurred! Kinda gives you confidence. They should be forced to publicly announce not only what happened, but which moron(s) were responsible. Next -what's up with that Doc? Did he not get in there and notice that catheterization was unnecessary for this particular patient? Didn't he go to medical school? Or are they giving out degrees from Cracker Jacks boxes these days? Let me tell you that was one hell of a prize for the poor sucker who got the wrong procedure! Psheh! When are friggin' supposed professionals gonna start paying attention to what goes on around them and at their hands??????



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