Thursday, March 25, 2004

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Today's Weather: Aaaahhh Just Take a Guess

I'm personally contemplating a career in meteorology. It seems it requires no actual calculation, education, or brains. Let me tell you what lead me to this conclusion.
Every morning, I get up, flip on the PC, log on to my internet service and click on the weather link. For the past several days, It has forecasted 83 with sunny skies. Now not only, has it not been 83 -try a HIGH of 70 Max- but it has been tremendously overcast each morning and by afternoon, HUGE thunderclouds are forming. Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but even I know that thunderclouds day after day predict less than warm sunny skies. Not only that, but the barometric pressure is such that my sinuses have actually exploded -no s**t- my eyeballs pinged right out and my even my gums hurt with the pressure. After stupidly trusting these people on their forecast for the past several days, today I opened the blinds, looked up at the sky, and said hmmm -looks like rain, probably about 70 and then checked the forecast -85 partly sunny ---where is that weather happening???

So basically, I think we're all a lot better off just guessing -that's basically what they're doing.



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