Thursday, March 18, 2004

In Key West, Florida KFC has taken the whole idea of Kitchen Fresh Chicken a little too far. SO, if you want truly Kitchen FRESH Chicken, you'll have to make a special trip to the KFC in Key West. :D Read on:

KFC -Kitchen Fresh Chicken- Inside and Out

Parra has snared more than 90 chickens in the few weeks since he became the first official chicken catcher in Key West, where colorful chickens dart through traffic on busy streets, meander in mangroves and even greet customers at the drive-thru of the KFC.

This story wasn't really meant to be simply a news item about KFC. I copied and pasted that one paragraph because I found it particularly amusing considering their ridiculous new name. There's actually a problem in Key West with the chickens that wander the streets -and no KFC didn't bring them there. Apparently the chickens have been there for years, but in recent times they have become a nuisance wandering into homes and roosting in Christmas trees. Yup, that's where I live -good old Florida- not only do they have trouble operating their voting booths, they have Renegade Roosters hangin' at KFC. Sheesh



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