Friday, March 26, 2004


Ya know how around a dozen years ago in high school (yeah, I'm THAT old. Got a problem with it?) we started saying, "Don't go there"? Have you noticed now that everybody and their brother says it now? I heard a little 8 year old saying it the other day and I've heard baby boomers uttering it on more television shows than I care to name. Why do all the really good and unique catch phrases have to be beaten into clichedom? Anyways...

That was all a neat little way (at least I think so) of leading you off to where I want you to go (no, I'm not that rude. I just really think you'll be glad you listened to me -if you do in fact deign to follow my suggestions). So WHERE was I going with this?

I found a really good blog through Disillusioned's Blogalicious Links. It should probably be categorized under the deep and disturbing category, but you really ought to pop over and read the short story "The Rabbit". I started reading it about a week ago and am currently addicted. I'm waiting for my next fix. Ya see, it's being written in installments and it's really a delicious tease to only be able to read as much as the author is allowing you each day.

Oh, and today I found a cool and interesting new blog Sweet Sweat when Kay stopped by and let me know that she didn't see my Letter to a Celebrity on Blogger Idol. I haven't figured out yet why I've re-posted my Letter to a Celebrity three times and now I'm being told again that it's not on there, but I have found a cool new Blog that you should pop over to. Go visit Kay and tell her I sent ya. One thing you should know, though. On Kay's most recent post she says it may be awhile before she's posting regularly again due to work headaches, so be sure to stop back every few days. Don't give up on her. Read her archives while you wait for her next installment of Bloggity Goodness.

Okay, it's 8:15 and I haven't eaten dinner yet so, "Nitey Nite!" :D

PS: If you haven't gone over to Brown Ribbon yet, PLEASE, Pretty Please with Sugar on Top -GO!



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