Sunday, May 02, 2004

State of my State

It's rainy outside. The ground is very wet. My happy little plantlings will go on growing unaided by my continually deteriorating knees bending to water them agonizingly slowly from recycled Spring Water gallon jugs. I will kneel no more at the spicket filling gallon after gallon and trudging through row after row of melons, tomatoes, and hot peppers. It rained Friday night. It rained Saturday afternoon. It rained Saturday night. It rained this morning. It looks like it will rain again later today. All is right with garden world.

April Showers, my ass! It took May rolling around to produce some actual rain, rather than just some threatening looking gray clouds and bummy humid weather. I'll vote for the May Showers everytime.

NOW, if only the damned squirrels, armadillos, stray cats, caterpillars, grasshoppers, locusts, etc. would leave them alone, we might be rewarded with the fruit of our labors.



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