Friday, April 30, 2004

Michael Jackson Pleads Not Guilty

Read the Whole Story if you must

I keep thinking I cannot possibly be more sickened by the crap going on in this world and then I read the news and see that I really can be more sickened. I'm having real trouble deciding who sickens me the most. Jackson? His LOYAL Fans that gather outside of his Neverland Ranch? Or the parents that allowed their child to spend time alone with Jackson despite the enormous amount of press that surrounded his earlier brush with Molestation charges?

Let me start first with Jackson. HELLO! You're on trial for Molestation and you're inviting your fans, even paying for bus transportation? Have you no effin' shame, you creepy looking sick Mother Effer? You actually effin' danced on top of an SUV when you left your arraignment? Are Molestation charges a joke for you? Just another photo opp? Really, I'm not even done with this creep, but I'll move on.

Okay now on to the sick Mother Effers that are holding candlelight vigils outside NeverLand Ranch. What is it? The money, the fame? Would you hold candlelight vigils for the Sonofabitch if he'd molested your child? Would you worship at the altar at any one of the thousands of other child molestors that are arraigned and tried every year? Is this your idea of a hero? WTF is wrong with you people? Are your double helices twisted just a little too far?

Okay, the parents. Now, I personally wouldn't let my child go off alone with anyone who seemed over eager to spend massive quantities of time with little boys, nor anyone who was overly generous with my child, and most certainly not someone who'd already been very publicly accused of molestation in a case that ended only after a huge monetary settlement. All I can think is these people either lived under a rock, didn't really give a damn about their kid to begin with, thought this would give the kid something to tell his grandchildren someday, or were seeing dollar signs. Other than that, I see no logic (and I quite frankly don't see any logic in any of those arguments either, but then I have brains) at all in sending your little boy off with Michael Jackson.

Clearly all three people or groups of people followed this logic:

Up in heaven God was handing out body parts. Everyone was cued up and he would call out different parts, "Eyes!" everyone lines up, "Ears!" everyone files over, "Brains!"

Everyone rushes over, except those people of the aforementioned groups. Those people heard Him say, "Trains!" and said, "Ah, no thanks we're gettin' a Limo."

WTF is wrong with some people, hmmm? This whole freakin' country is going to hell in a handbasket.



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