Friday, April 30, 2004

Time for a little pop trivia regarding some of Children's Favorite Products, produced by Binney & Smith

The Colorful Brands of Binney & Smith

Since its inception in 1903, the Crayola® brand has grown into one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the consumer marketplace. Today consumers equate the brand with color, fun, quality and development—all the characteristics that are reinforced in our growing product line which includes crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints, modeling compounds and craft and activity products for use in schools and homes. The brand has come a long way since the first box of 8 Crayol® a crayons made its debut in 1903. Currently the company makes more than 100 different crayon colors as well as an array of materials to stimulate children's creative development -- while having fun!

Although it began as a failed experiment to create synthetic rubber compound, Silly Putty® has made a remarkable rebound, becoming a toy classic that remains as popular with kids today as it was nearly 50 years ago when it debuted. Currently Silly Putty® brand products come in more than 15 different colors in the unmistakable egg-shaped packaging. Kids today continue to discover and marvel over Silly Putty's unique properties that allow it to be bounced, stretched and molded into a multitude of wacky shapes.

Portfolio SeriesTM , one of Binney & Smith's newest brands, is designed to help future art professionals who are developing their portfolios learn the basics of working with different mediums. Portfolio Series products offer high performance, color excellence, ease of use and safety and were designed specifically with older students in mind. The line includes drawing and coloring pencils, oil pastels and acrylic paints. Students and teachers appreciate this line of high quality products from a name they've trusted for years — the Crayola® brand.

Binney & Smith's inkTank , line of professional writing instruments, we're bringing innovative design, outstanding performance, top-notch quality and great product selection to adults!



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