Monday, March 08, 2004

I ran into the store the other day for two things and something struck me (no, not a bus; though I did look like it when I paused to check my reflection in the nearest mirror). Our local major retailer has a specially designated parking spot for "SICK CHILD". First there's the fact that it's at the exact opposite end of the building from the pharmacy (Hey look at the map of the store. We're not talking Rocket Science here are we?). Next there's the fact of who's gonna regulate that crap? Ya got a kid, ya got a free pass to park there right? But who's to say your sick kid isn't at home barely hanging on waiting for the next dose of Children's Tylenol? So anybody can park there any time, right? Then there's the idea that whether you have a child with you or not, they're all looking the kid up and down to see if he/she looks sick to THEM!

Why isn't there a spot for "FEET HURT" or "IN A HURRY" or "TOO LAZY" or "I'M NOT REALLY HANDICAPPED, JUST SO FAT THAT MY LEGS CAN'T CARRY ME ANY MORE, BUT THE DOCTOR SIGNED MY NOTE SO I CAN PARK CLOSE ANYWAY" or "MY DAY SUCKED; DEAL WITH IT". I personally could use a sign for "CHOCOLATE EMERGENCY" or "FEELING AWFULLY BITCHY" or a third that could sum up those two in most cases "PMS".

Feel free to post your proposed signs in my comment box.



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