Friday, August 19, 2005

T minus two weeks and counting...

So TODAY was actually a slightly stressful day.

Had my hair trimmed this morning -last official chance to have my hair cut without a baby crying in the background. The haircut was not stressful. But the sitting in the parking lot wondering when the owner of the shop was actually going to show up for the 9:30 a.m. opening was. I'm sorry, maybe I'm a pain in the rear, but I think if you open at 9:30 then your butt should be in your shop and ready prior to 9:30. My hair lady? Not so concerned with traditional courtesy. She pulled into the parking lot at 9:30. Emerged from her SUV talking on her Nextel (I freakin' hate people who have to obnoxiously advertise their private conversations) and takin' her sweet time draggin' her short-shorts clad rear over to the door to unlock. Finally we're inside and she's still listening to her hubby on the Nextel -rather than telling him she'll have to call him back because there's a paying customer waiting for attention. That annoyed me.

Next stop? Take Hubby to the Workman's Comp Doc to be checked out after he got diesel fuel (and not a little dirt) in his eye. Sit there for 150 years, er an hour, only to have them say come back again on Monday. Not terribly stressful. It actually could have been far worse.

After dropping Hubby off, it was nearly time to show up for my volunteer hours at 10 yr old son's school. I was really hungry, but really didn't have time to go home for lunch. I grabbed a cheeseburger at Mickey D's and stopped at the CVS before heading to the school. That's when the real stress set in.

I came out of CVS ready to chomp on my cheeseburger and cruise over to the school. While reaching for my burger with one hand, I turned the key -or at least I thought I did, but there wasn't a sound. I turned around perplexed and tried again. Nothing. I made sure that it had been in Park when I'd shut off the engine. Yep. Looked around kind of confused and tried again. Nada. Nothing had been wrong with the car. No recent hesitations in starting. Nothing. I'd actually just been thinking how well it was running (Apparently, that's where I went wrong). I was perplexed.

I actually ended up calling Hubby and asking him to come. While I waited for poor Hubby to drive the 25 minutes to where I was, three men came over and tried to help. The first one had the theory that perhaps just a wire was loose. He put his hands in various parts of my engine to no avail. He apologized for not being able to help and left. But not before I thanked him for being kind enough for trying. The second guy was a motorcycle guy whom I had just watched start his bike with the ol' touch the screwdriver to the starter selenoid trick- I kind of wondered if that could be my problem, but I wasn't going to ask. I must have looked just pathetic enough. He asked if I was having car trouble and jumped off of his bike and tried that with my car. Sadly, no dice. The third guy was convinced from the first that it was a battery problem and proceeded to try all kinds of handy little tricks that might help the battery. Really a very nice guy. Hubby came pulling into the lot about that time. I called Hubby by his Christian name and the guy looked at me kind of funny (Hubby has an uncommon name) and then asked my name. When I told him he said, "Oh Boy. I'm Gloria's son." You wouldn't know this, but Gloria is one of my closest friends from church. Her son goes to a different church so we've never actually met before. So we were all very thrilled that here a guardian angel had come along to help. It turns out it was the battery.

After only two hours of standing out in the 97 degree heat, we had the battery checked at the auto parts store across the street and the battery was completely shot. The auto parts store even installed it at no additional charge. End of stress, but still, all in all quite a long day for the 9 month pregnant woman.

Oh, the Wendy's update? They actually made amends by coughing up $30 worth of gift certificates good at any Wendy's. Now I just have to get up enough confidence to try Wendy's food again so I can use them. The plastic that was found in my burger? It was a piece of a lid to a dressing container. I'm just still kind of grossed out over it. But they've tried to make it up to us. Okay it's the weekend. Enjoy it!



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