Saturday, August 07, 2004

Church Picnic 2004

I'm exhausted. Got up at 3:00 a.m. to get ready to go to the park and claim the Pavillions for our Church Picnic. In our town we have a beautiful park with very nice facilities, grills, Covered picnic areas, etc., but there's no reservations allowed. It's first come, first served. So three of us Church ladies showed up there bright and early (4:45 a.m.) to put up signs and start scrubbing picnic tables and cleaning up the bathrooms.

It wasn't too terribly hot until late in the afternoon and by then everything was winding up. My feet are killing me and I'm pretty sleepy. But I feel pretty good.

Yesterday I picked up a copy of "The Butterfly Effect" at the video store. We'll probably watch that this afternoon. I'll let you know if we like it or not. Last night we watched "The Whole Ten Yards" with Bruce Willis and Matt Perry. I thought it was a dull disappointment. The guys thought it was good. I was so bored that I got up and went for a soak in the tub after the first 15 minutes. I'll have to try to make myself watch it again. They claim all the good parts came after I got in the tub. We'll see.



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