Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Well if Life's Little Obligations Keep up, I'll Never Have Time to Blog

I have to mow today. It's rained for the last six days, on and off continuously every day. I've loved the rain because at least the temperature dropped for a while, but it did nothing for the humidity. It's just as nasty icky sticky here as ever. I dream of the delicious dry 100 degree weather of our home in Mexico, when I have to deal with the sticky nastiness of suffocating humidity at 92 degrees. Humidity screws with my hair, makes me grouchy, makes me feel continuously uncomfortable -and based on this post, pretty damned whiny too.

I'll be outside sweating, getting covered in Mosquitos, bits of leaves, and sticks leftover from the storms we've had. I hope I can survive to tell the tale of the Battle of the HR Lady versus Tall Fescue, the struggle continues.

BTW, I didn't forget to post yesterday, I had Mass, then took communion to the Nursing Home patients. When I got done there I went to Sam's Club, lost my keys while there, panicked when I got to the van and couldn't put away my rapidly defrosting raindrop coated foods. Went back inside and checked Customer Service, the restroom, and considered racing up and down the aisles and through the freezers searching for the keys, when little Mr. I'll-be-9-in-22-days-can-you-buy-this-for-my-birthday? said, "Hey Mom! Maybe we left them at the drink counter." We went there and there was a line about 12 people long. I bobbed and weaved and desperately tried to get the guy at the register to look at me. He freakin' would NOT look at me (see, I am invisible) until finally a nice lady in the line about four people back said, "Did you lose something?" I gratefully said as loud as I could (so pimple face behind the counter couldn't fail to hear me, afterall, maybe I'm invisible, but I do have a loud mouth), "YES! I think maybe I left my car keys here!" At long last the kid casually (and so slowly that I think I could have actually dived across the counter and strangled him in the time it took him) slid his hand beneath the counter and pulled out my keys.

I'd started out the day with a sinus headache, hadn't taken any medicine and the stress of the lost keys tensed me up and turned it into a migraine. I was miserable on the 1/2 hour drive home. The light from the gloomy rain sopped sky was too bright for my migraine-suffering-gritty eyes. My stomach felt sick. I thought I might have to pull over because I felt like I was going to pass out. It had been 7 hours since breakfast, I thought maybe it was worse because I hadn't eaten. In desperation I stopped at a McDonald's (I would have to be desperate to eat that). McBig McMistake. Mickey D's always upsets my stomach. I was really really feeling sick on the way home. If it weren't for the melting groceries I might have pulled over at one of the parks on the way home. I went home, dragged the cold and frozen foods inside and left everything else in the back of the minivan. I hurriedly shoved everything pelmel into the fridge and freezer. I didn't even repackage my meat. Small son knows how sick I get from these headaches. How really bad they can be, sometimes going on for days without cease, so powerful that I can't even sleep for more than minutes at a time. He brought me his comforter from his room and his "special pillow." He's such a good boy. I took an Aleve Sinus Headache tablet and lay on the couch for two and a half hours. Of course, the phone rang relentlessly -it only ever rings when I'm not feeling well and laying down, or terribly busy. I did not answer it. I slept in 1/2 hour spurts. When I woke I had still had the headache, but it had subsided considerably. The nausea was gone. I no longer felt like I was going to faint.

I had to rush to prepare dinner, shelled some zipper peas, cooked up some rice, a Rotisserie Chicken that I'd had the sense to pick up from Sam's Club had only to be reheated. I went to bed early last night. The headache is still there a little bit. Maybe mowing will make me forget it.



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