Friday, June 11, 2004

Yesterday was just a little too domestic for blogging

Got up EARLY and went to Mass yesterday morning. Was mortified when my cell phone, which I was sure was not turned on, rang in the middle of the blessing of the sacraments. Apologized to everyone immediately after Mass. I would still like to crawl into a hole and stay there. I ALWAYS make sure my phone is off and I'm the Smary Pants who gives everyone a dirty look if anyone else's phone rings or they talk during the service. Guess God sent me a dose of humility -anybody can make a mistake once. Rest assured it won't happen to me again.

After church we came home, changed clothes, did a couple of little things and then headed off to the Big Town 20 minutes away and did some shopping. As we were leaving the store the torrential afternoon thunderstorm began and I was completely soaked through before all of the groceries were in the car -still the rain felt really good, even if sitting in soaking wet pants and blouse all the way home was YUCKY.

We left the storm in the BIG TOWN and unloaded our groceries and had a little snack. The crashing lightning began about an hour later -guess it lingered over the big town for a while. Our storm last two hours during which I was preparing a really great new recipe -Shrimp Stuffed Buns- and straightening up the kitchen. The Shrimp Buns went over really well. I'll have to post the recipe.

I finished a pretty entertaining novel by Sarah Strohmeyer, "Bubbles Ablaze". This is the third novel in a series about Bubbles Yablonski a tube top wearing, high heel tottering hairdresser cum investigative reporter. The character is hilarious. The series seems to be quite similar to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. In fact, Janet Evanovich encouraged Strohmeyer in the development of this series. If you've enjoyed Janet Evanovich in the past, go get one Strohmeyer's Bubbles books. Good for a Giggle.



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