Friday, June 11, 2004

A Favor for a Friend and a whole bunch of elderly people

I received the following plea for help via my long time friend Julie who is working with some elderly in Winter Garden, Florida. Read everything within and then please click on the link and vote according to what will most help these Seniors.

> > For those who don't know, since I graduated from college a few months
> > I have been working with a group of senior citizens in Winter Garden,
> > Florida, who live in a mobile home park called Trailer City, that is
> > by the City of Winter Garden, FL (the municipality). There are 159
> > homes there (1950's to new models, most all are more than 20 years old
> > good condition), and 209 people living therein. The City Manager and
> > Mayor have made it their personal mission to close down this park in
> > years or less, which is just about the time the younger residents will
> > really start enjoying retirement if they don't have to take their
> > and go. [I have lived in/around Winter Garden the entire 21 years I've
> > been in FL.] Park residents have been pulled through a knot hole by the
> > City so far, and there is no end in sight to the mistreatment. Of
> > they don't have money to pay lawyers (so far, but fundraising has
> >
> > Their park is located on the southern shore of Lake Apopka, Florida's
> > fourth largest lake (read: Big real estate bucks). The City staff
> > they want to use the land for "public park," but Newton Park next door
> > already extremely under-utilized. Ginn Development Co. recently sold
> > 1-acre lots in their 1900-acre Bella Collina development, ten miles up
> > road; prices for 1 acre were from $300K to over $1 million. Needless to
> > say, senior citizens, disabled, and low-income individuals are virtually
> > powerless to fight off city government and big money developers;
> > with my newly-earned red cape from Rollins College, I am fighting to
> > the little guy to the best of my newfound ability.
> >
> > So why am I bothering you? :-) You knew I'd get around to it. I'm
> > asking this: Click the link below, the home page for the West Orange
> > Times (Winter Garden's newspaper). Scroll all the way to the bottom,
> > TAKE THE POLL. I ask that you PLEASE SUPPORT TRAILER CITY by voting,
> > "Take no action and leave Trailer City alone." (You can only vote once
> > per PC). Then send this on to every single solitary person in your
> > home, school, church, scout, community, and family email groups and ask
> > them ALL to do exactly the same thing I've asked you. I don't know how
> > long the poll is up, but I do know the Winter Garden City staff has told
> > every employee to, "Go to every PC in this building and vote to close
> > Trailer City!" Can you imagine, more beating up their own
> > So much for voting on behalf of their constituents.
> >
> > More than 3,500 people have signed petitions in favor of leaving Trailer
> > City alone, but the actions of a few rogue Commissioners (four plus the
> > Mayor, and at least one Commissioner is firmly behind us) are making
> > tough for these folks. Please help us to at least win this battle in
> > Court of Public Opinion.
> >
> > Thank you all VERY MUCH, and remember, scroll to the bottom of the main page to view the poll and VOTE TO TAKE NO ACTION AND LEAVE
> >
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > Julie Abbott, Founder
> > Friends of Trailer City
> >



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