Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Ranty Goodness?

Sorry that I'm so late posting today, but I actually left Mayberry for a few hours to venture into the Big City. Happy some very E.B. duties to take care of today. Last minute run around and get the vital non-candy gifts that could make or break Easter.

'Course, as usual, I was stuck driving behind about 34 Trillion non-driving ding dongs on the Interstate. Let me just ask you: Why oh why must people break on the Interstate in the left lane with no traffic ahead of them for a mile or more? Are they incapable of simply sliding their foot off the gas a bit? How freakin' hard is it to actually look to your left before just popping over because you suddenly don't like your lane (really, no one in front of the moron at all, certainly aren't any left turns off the Interstate, but stilll..)? Why must the same fuckwit who has been holding up traffic in the left lane at 68 mph (scared of the gas pedal, dear?) in the 70 mph slam the pedal to the floor the minute they think you're going to pass them? I call those particular idiots the "Self-Appointed PaceSetters."

I'm sorry to be ranting about the traffic again, I just will never get used to the droves of people that actually drive worse than in my home state of New Jersey or any freakin' other place I've ever lived or visited.

Change of subject: I have been finding so many cool new and interesting blogs lately. More than I've even been able to keep up with in the linkage on the right over there. I should catch up in the next few days -I hope so anyway. In the meantime, please check out the tons of people linked over there. So much Bloggity Goodness in just one place.

Next, I am so fed up with Bush's Personal Political Performance (you know it as the war in Iraq). I have no doubt in my mind that he's stretchin' this out for all it's worth. At this point things should be turned over to the United Nations. It will be too convenient if we come up with Bin Laden just before the election. If you agree with me, please don't just go on thinking about it. Talk to people. Get everyone as good and riled up to get him out of office as I am. We need him out yesterday. It's so stressful to watch this man manipulate everything toward his own greater good. I'm honestly so sick of this crap that I could actually puke. I've never been real politically involved, beyond voting, but I see my country rapidly going down the shitter. It knocks me out that Bush's supporters are running campaign ads about how much Kerry would raise taxes in his first 100 days -hell yes, he'll probably have to do something to pay the bills that Bush is running up. Okay, guess I'm Ranty Woman today. I'll go back to light hearted HR Ladyness tomorrow.

Oh, I have a favorite on-line author, Mr. Stone who's been posting his latest story on his site and he's currently up to Chapter 7. Go there and have a little read. I find him quite good. You'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to start at chapter 1 and then work your way back up after each chapter, but he's worth it. I think you can also go back in his archives and read his previous short story as well -try it; you'll like it.




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