Sunday, April 25, 2004

Feeling Quite Thoroughly Disappointed

Sadly, I did not win Trading Spaces Home Free Viewer Sweepstakes. There will be no paid off mortgage, no addition on the house, no new baby in the making, no new truck for hubby, no credit cards paid off. The good news is we won't lose sleep deciding what to do with the surplus bucks. I guess I kind of knew we wouldn't win, but it still was a let down.

I'm sadder that my favorite couple didn't win. They were so sweet and fun and seemed so natural and real, while the other couple seemed like they were putting on something of an act. I totally loved the Yellow Team. They reminded me so much of me & hubby, 'cept of course they were much older. I'm a little bummed over it and I'm not usually someone who gets emotionally involved with television.

I promise a real post tomorrow. G'nite.



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