Friday, April 09, 2004

I want an Easter Egg, gimme an Easter Egg! Preferrably CHOCOLATE!

Well, since at least part of my day today needs to be dedicated to boiling and coloring eggs, I thought I'd give you some eggciting information about Easter Eggs. And I found a website totally dedicated to eggs, where I found the two clip art images that appear in this post.

And I found this interesting tidbit about "Easter Eggs" which I took from E-eggs:

"What is an "Easter Egg"? - The term "Easter Egg", as we use it here, means any amusing tidbit that creators hid in their creations. They could be in computer software, movies, music, art, books, or even your watch. There are thousands of them, and they can be quite entertaining, if you know where to look. A couple of our favorites are the "Spy Hunter"-like game in Microsoft Excel 2000 and the "Wacky Search Menu" in Internet Explorer 5. This site will help you discover Easter Eggs in the things you see and use everyday, and let you share Easter Eggs you discover with the rest of the world."

Incidentally, eggs are not the only thing I'll be painting today. I have to finish painting my master bathroom today -which is a real pain, as Kitty will be making every effort to replace the paint odor with her own scent by rubbing up against the walls. I don't dare move her litter box because then she'll refuse to use it -damned finicky assed 16 year old cat. So I have to block off sections of the bathroom and attempt to paint while she's in the opposite section. FUN FUN FUN! If you have any special egg coloring or bathroom painting tips, let me know.



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