Friday, July 16, 2004

Latest Searches Finding this site AND Ask HR Lady's Hubby Continued...

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Don't worry, you haven't missed out on Ask HR Lady's Hubby. You may continue to submit your questions for Hubby. I'll print answers here as I obtain them from Hubby. I kind of think at the moment he's enjoying being a part of things, but again I warn -careful with those questions lest I be forever banished from blogging. ;)

Last night he received and answered two questions before he went to bed:

Barrie asked: HR Lady's Hubby, what is your Wu-Name?
Hubby said, "My Wha? I doan no what is tha honi."

*HR Lady explaining and showing him and putting his name into the machine in various ways* "Es una cosa aqui en la computadora que cambia tu nombre, se llama, 'WU-NAME'." I get a very bewildered look and get impatient (I'm such a pain in the ass sometimes), "Ven aca. Es una maquina aqui en la computadora que hace nombres. Tienes que verla." He finally came over to the computer and He really seemed to enjoy this, especially after the first result. He got into it and had me enter our son's name and a nickname his mother used for him when he was little. Here are his results:

HR Lady's you will also be known as Crazy Samurai.
HR Lady's Hubby=Intellectual Demon
His real name=Irate Specialist
His nickname=Javi equals Phantom Mercenary

Next, Amanda asked:
HRLady's husband, would you really forever remove HRLady from blogging?

Let me just tell you, Amanda Darling, that I really wondered if I was treading thin ice with this one.

If I lep you wha? She wanz no wha?

*HR Lady explains at length in Spanish what blogging is, cuz he totally doesn't get it in English* "Ella quiere saber si nunca jamas hacerlo que no mas puedo escribir in my "blog", porque talvez no gustas el tipo de las preguntas que estan preguntando. Le avisaba, que si preguntan malas palabras, talvez me quitas de la computadora para siempre."

"Oh. No."

HR Lady: But let me just tell you people... It may look for now like I'm in the clear but this man will sit thinking about that question when he's out there alone on the Dragline. In three days he'll be asking me about that question again, "Why honi, thay thin, tha I wan take you ou from de compyutare? Wha egzacly you doin in thare?" And then Little Amanda's gonna either be in big trouble, or I'll just suddenly disappear from blogland. LOL ;)

Okay, people, keep sending your questions, I'll keep asking them. To make sure you don't submit a repeat question, scroll down and read last night's post and comments.



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