Friday, July 16, 2004

Ask HR Lady's Hubby CONTINUED...

Wendy asked:

I have a question for him: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I just want to see how you'll translate that into Spanish. Hee-hee.

HR LADy tells him the question -the way it should be told -THREE TIMES REALLY FAST

I don't know what you say so fast.

HR LADY translates/explains, Honey, en español es como: ?Cuanto
madera cortare una marmota, si una marmota podria cortar madera?, pero
esa es una trabalengua que hacen en Ingles como: Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal.

BTW, those word in RED are a Spanish Tongue Twister -known as a Trabalengua.

And after all of that translation we get the answer from hubby:

"Enough wood what you need, no?"

Fi asked:

HR Lady's Husband, what is your favourite reality TV show?

Forensic files, I thin. Mebe Cold Case File, yuu no thay
mek yuu to figure it ou a leetle bit and so many case is still cold ou
thare. Wha, she is som kinuh psykeek?

Then HR Lady (after laughing hysterically) explains why she's doing the
Ask Hubby thing, "No, honey, es qui mis amigos que hacen los "blogs" a
veces permiten a sus leedores a preguntar unas preguntas a sus esposos,
o mama, o otra persona. Y yo tengo que escribir todo lo que dices

"Oh, and then yuu going to write tha ovr thare tha I ask she is psykeek? Oh, honey!"

GaryBibb asked:

HRLady's hubby, what is the meaning of pie?

What language is tha? Cake?

Hubby looks at comments box then says:

Oh, wai, mebe he try to say foot?

Hads asked:

HR Lady's hubby do you enjoy a meal without tortillas and hot chilis?

Just the chili sauce? Yes.

He first thought Hads was referring to Texas Chili, as opposed to chili
peppers -he's not used to Anglos using the term chilis to actually mean
chili peppers, eventhough that's how we talk here at home. And
then HR Lady explains further, "Quiere saber si disfrutas una comida
sin tortilla y sin chili jalapeño?"

I thin I enjoy any kine o food any meal withou tortilla withou
jalapeño, if is not pohseebull in tha momen. Yeah, caus I
remember almost 18 years ago when I com ovr heer, you not even fine
tortilla or even jalapeño in the store.

Thomas asked:

HR Lady's hubby, how is it living with a goddess?

What he's talkin' about tripas? (SIDE NOTE: Tripas are
intestines, stomach, etc. -you know guts -so I said, GODDESS and he
heard GUTS)

Then HR Lady explains what a goddess is, "Si quieren decir
literalmente, un "goddess" es como un Dios feminina, pero de veras, El
quiere decir que yo soy un godess figurativo -como yo soy bella, buena,
sexy, perfecta mujer."

Oh, thas what is? Thas steel (still) in
Latin? So he wanna know hows feel to live with it? I can
say -excitin, cause you spoil me too much, so often you have surprise
for me, no? And besides that you try to unnerstan me when I am
grouchy. And I think it's time to go to bed honey."

And with that HR Lady smiled real big and hurried to get off of the computer and into the bed.

Keep sending your questions. He's really having fun with
this. More Ask HR Lady's Hubby tomorrow. Have a great
night. I know I will.



  • I have a question for him. What does Chilito really mean in Spanish?

    By Blogger Knott, at 12:10 PM  

  • Technically, it's not a real word, Knott, but you could say it was kind of slang for Little Chili -like small jalapeño or it's also that kind of powdered chili and salt mixture that they pour on Mangos -kind of like a seasoned salt. -HR LADY'S HUBBY

    But if you ask me, it's the best menu item Taco Hell ever had before they went and changed the menu and all the recipes. -HR LADY

    By Blogger me, at 1:15 PM  

  • And of course, this blog entry sent me directly to Babelfish to figure out what was actually being said, and it graciously and efficiently rendered the following translation:

    "No, honey, is qui my friends who do "blogs" sometimes they allow its leedores to ask questions its spouses, or sucks, or another person. And I must write everything what you say tu."

    I understand "spouses" and I understand "another person" but what's this third catagory? :)

    Your hubby sounds like a great guy, btw! There's a lot of love in hour home.

    By Blogger Cliff, at 2:36 PM  

  • Sorry, Cliff, I don't know if you read my earlier comment about babelfish, but it really does suck. The third category was friends -you would think babelfish would be capable of translating a simple word like "amigos" There's no word "sucks" in spanish -to suck in spanish is actually chupar or mamar. I do not hold Babelfish in the highest esteem. leedores means readers. And it tends to get things backwards and often just plain wrong.

    But it gave you a general idea I guess, so it's not ALL bad.

    By Blogger me, at 5:39 PM  

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