Wednesday, May 05, 2004

CINCO DE MAYO -The Fifth of May

OK folks it's time for your cultural lesson of the day. CINCO DE MAYO is NOT -N-O-T NOT a huge holiday in Mexico. It is NOT the Mexican Independence Day (that takes place in September -the 16th to be exact. All that it IS is a day commemorating the victory of the Battle of Puebla (a state in Mexico). It is only important to people from Puebla, and even most of them could care less. What the day really is is another excuse for people who are already Alcohol Challenged to drink some more. This holiday actually gained popularity in the US with a great big push from the makers of Corona.

If you still want to celebrate with some awesome drinking and partying -whatever, but let's drop the pretense: a) the majority of the revelers are not from Puebla, or even Mexico b) if you want to drink, go 'head and drink but don't call it a celebration, don't think you're being culturally enlightened, and for God's sake and all of our sake, do it responsibly. Either stay home or don't drive and don't get carried away and overindulge and annoy and puke on the people around you.

(STEPS OFF OF SOAPBOX) That's all now go back to whatever you were doing -except for you. That's just gross. You can't do that here. Get the heck out. Have a nice day everybody else. =D



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